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Questions to Ask Your General Contractor

Before you meet with a general contractor, you’re going to want to do your due diligence and ensure you end up working with a professional who is the best fit for your project. Contractors in the Bay Area all offer unique ideas, perspectives, strategies, and budgets, so you need to make sure you ultimately enjoy the best Bay Area contracting experience available. Following are some questions you need to ask your contractor so that you can be confident in your choice for who will take charge of such an important task:

  1. “Are you licensed and insured?”

    You never want to entertain the idea of having someone work on your project if he or she is not licensed and insured. There are different requirements for different cities, counties, and states when it comes to licenses and other credentials. As a homeowner, you want to make sure that if you need carpentry done, you don’t hire someone who is licensed in roofing, for example. Having just a business license isn’t enough – you also want your contractor insured (ask to see a certificate of insurance) with workers’ compensation and liability insurance that is specific to the job they’ll perform.

  2. “How long have you been in the business?”

    Bay Area contracting businesses that have been around for a long time have created controls over the years to ensure that their work is done on budget, on time, and with high quality. This is not to say that new companies don’t do a good job, it’s just that well-established ones have had years to iron out wrinkles in procedure and practice. It’s always a good idea to talk with a contractor about anything that concerns you – most would rather you ask about something than take them out of the running for a job.

  3. “Will I have a dedicated team for my project?”

    You may or may not know that most contracting companies work on several projects at a time, so you’ll want to confirm that you can depend on consistency and punctuality every day of the project. Find out if you’ll have the same team every day, who the project manager will be, if the company works with subcontractors, and how often the business owner will check in on progress.

  4. “What will the work days be like?”

    You’ll want to find out what time the workers will arrive and what time they will finish each day, if you need to remove items that are near or in the work area, what the noise level will be like, and if the company will need you to be home during the day. Advise your contractor about parking in your neighborhood, which restrooms are available for use (if any), where power outlets are located, and any pets that may be home.

  5. “How will you ensure my property is protected?”

    This may be a difficult question to ask, but it’s important. Ask the Bay Area contracting professional if tarps will be used over furniture, if workers will wear shoe covers when they enter the home, and if the contractor would/can be responsible for locking doors as necessary when leaving the home (or unlocking when entering, if applicable).

Depend on CRC Builders

You will find that when everything is discussed openly ahead of time, your project will not only go much more smoothly, but will also cause less of a disruption to your everyday life while it is going on. You want to be able to trust anyone who works on your project with your home – it’s too important to risk having just anyone in charge of something so important.

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Finding the Right Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project

What to Look for When Hiring a General Contractor

So, you’ve decided to hire a contractor to remodel your home or business. As exciting as the renovation process can be, hiring a general contractor can either be a walk in the park or a recipe for disaster. If you don’t fully vet the person before you hire them, you could get stuck in a rabbit hole of unnecessary stress and grief. Finding the right contractor is like finding a nanny for your child. You shouldn’t let just anyone fix up your property. Get the results you intended by hiring someone with the right experience for your specific project. Use these tips when hiring a general contractor for your home or business.

Confirm that the Contractor Is Licensed and Insured

You shouldn’t hire anyone unless they’re fully licensed and insured to work as a contractor in your neighborhood. Ask to see proof of insurance and their contracting license before you sign on the dotted line. A license shows that the contractor has passed the state exam, ensuring their knowledge of building codes and workplace safety. If you hire someone without insurance, you could be held liable if any accidents occur on your property. You should also contact the Better Business Bureau to make sure that your contractor has a strong reputation in the community.

Choose a Contractor with Experience Related to Your Particular Project

Every remodeling project is different. From small businesses to extravagant historic homes, contractors tend to specialize in certain types of home improvement projects. Almost every contractor that you contact will tell you that they’re the right ones for the job, but the truth is usually a little more complicated. If the contractor doesn’t have any experience working on historic homes, they probably shouldn’t be rebuilding your family’s 18th Century estate. Contractors also have a flair for a particular architectural style. Ask for work samples and see if your contractor has the experience to create the look you have in mind.

Finalize the Details with a Written Contract

Never underestimate the complexity of a remodeling project. As straightforward as the task might seem, things can quickly get out of control. Surprises and complications could be hiding around every turn. To make sure that you and your contractor are on the same page, request a written contract for the work order. This should include a general timeline for completion, materials used, a list of all subcontractors, as well as the scope and size of the project. Having a written contract in place will help protect you as a consumer. If the project runs over schedule or over budget, you can renegotiate the price with more authority and aplomb.

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What to Expect During Your First Remodeling Consultation

When the time comes for you to begin a remodeling project, you’ll want to begin with a consultation with a Bay Area contractor to get everything off to a great start. Your first remodeling consultation should be an exciting time, with plenty of questions and answers – from both you and the contractor. You should feel comfortable (and encouraged) to ask questions, offer your honest opinions, and take all the time you need for such important decisions.

The best residential contractors in San Francisco will have the experience you want in a professional – you’ll find that when you’re working with the right contractor, you’ll be excited, trusting, constructive, and ultimately positive about the experience. But what can you expect during this exciting first step toward your project?

The Remodeling Consultation

Before you schedule a consultation, be sure you are aware of the cost of it; what you will pay will depend on the scope of the consultation. A general discussion over the phone or a visit from a contractor won’t usually incur a charge; however, if a consultation will include detailed design work, several visits, or anything else extensive, the contractor may charge you. In addition, you might also be asked to sign a design agreement before you see drawings of work. This cost can range from $200 to $1,000 depending on a few factors set by the professional.

During your consultation, you’ll want to decide on the scope of a project and a budget for it. Start with a conversation on the phone, then move to a walk-through consultation so the contractor can see the area you want remodeled. They’ll ask questions and give you their thoughts on what they see and what you are looking for. A good Bay Area contractor will take a very detailed look at everything, from the overall layout to the utilities and how everything affects everything else.

It’s recommended that you plan your budget with a bit of a cushion, just because surprises and unexpected things do happen. During the consultation, you might be shown samples of previous work done by the contractor, but most of the time should be focused on a site analysis and a chat about what you have in mind for your space. You might also be able to look at product samples, as well.

The Value of Your Bay Area Contractor

Be leery of bids for your project that are very low; with something at hand that is as important as your home is, you’ll want the best of the best working for you! While you should certainly have every opportunity for your contractor listen to everything you want for your project, remember to also keep an open mind; when you and your contractor work as a team, the final results will be everything you hoped for!

If you’re planning on starting a remodeling project soon, be sure to contact us about joining your team to make your dreams a reality! Contact CRC Builders today.