What to Expect During Your First Remodeling Consultation

When the time comes for you to begin a remodeling project, you’ll want to begin with a consultation with a Bay Area contractor to get everything off to a great start. Your first remodeling consultation should be an exciting time, with plenty of questions and answers – from both you and the contractor. You should feel comfortable (and encouraged) to ask questions, offer your honest opinions, and take all the time you need for such important decisions.

The best residential contractors in San Francisco will have the experience you want in a professional – you’ll find that when you’re working with the right contractor, you’ll be excited, trusting, constructive, and ultimately positive about the experience. But what can you expect during this exciting first step toward your project?

The Remodeling Consultation

Before you schedule a consultation, be sure you are aware of the cost of it; what you will pay will depend on the scope of the consultation. A general discussion over the phone or a visit from a contractor won’t usually incur a charge; however, if a consultation will include detailed design work, several visits, or anything else extensive, the contractor may charge you. In addition, you might also be asked to sign a design agreement before you see drawings of work. This cost can range from $200 to $1,000 depending on a few factors set by the professional.

During your consultation, you’ll want to decide on the scope of a project and a budget for it. Start with a conversation on the phone, then move to a walk-through consultation so the contractor can see the area you want remodeled. They’ll ask questions and give you their thoughts on what they see and what you are looking for. A good Bay Area contractor will take a very detailed look at everything, from the overall layout to the utilities and how everything affects everything else.

It’s recommended that you plan your budget with a bit of a cushion, just because surprises and unexpected things do happen. During the consultation, you might be shown samples of previous work done by the contractor, but most of the time should be focused on a site analysis and a chat about what you have in mind for your space. You might also be able to look at product samples, as well.

The Value of Your Bay Area Contractor

Be leery of bids for your project that are very low; with something at hand that is as important as your home is, you’ll want the best of the best working for you! While you should certainly have every opportunity for your contractor listen to everything you want for your project, remember to also keep an open mind; when you and your contractor work as a team, the final results will be everything you hoped for!

If you’re planning on starting a remodeling project soon, be sure to contact us about joining your team to make your dreams a reality! Contact CRC Builders today.