Remodeling Projects that Add Value to Your Home

If you’ve got the time, resources, and ambition to take on a Bay Area home remodel project, you may want to consider one that adds value to your home and gives you the most bang for your buck, so to speak. There are tons of options out there, so how can you be sure which ones would help you recoup as much of your costs as possible, should you decide in the future to sell? Following are a few things to keep in mind:
  1. Exterior work on a property most often has the biggest jump in value for a home, mainly because of the improvement in curb appeal that projects can offer. It’s all about first impression, and curbside appeal can be enough to make or break a home sale.
  2. One of the best remodeling projects to add value to your home is a two-story addition. You don’t have to add an extra family room, bedrooms, and a bathroom, either; any addition of square footage will add value.
  3. Bathrooms are hot commodities these days, and you may want to think about either sprucing yours up or giving it a complete overhaul to add some value to your home. Any Bay Area home remodel that includes a refinished bathroom is going to be attractive to potential buyers, the in-laws, friends that stop by, and everyone else, too. While not everyone is impressed by billiard rooms or basement bars, for example, everyone can appreciate a nice bathroom!
  4. Installing new windows is an excellent way to boost your home’s value. New windows are appealing because they look great, insulate better than old ones, save on energy, and more. The most common and most preferred finish is wood, but there is also vinyl and other finishes, too.
  5. An excellent room to remodel in your home if you’re looking to increase its value is the kitchen. Everyone uses the kitchen, and everyone notices it. You can replace cabinet fronts with raised panel drawers and doors, replace the hardware, replace your appliances with new energy efficient models, and if you can, replace the flooring and paint, too.
There are plenty of other projects you can take on in order to get the value of your home up there; replace your garage doors, transform the attic into a bedroom, get some new siding on your home, or add/replace your deck. Whatever it is you choose to do for your home, be sure to consult our experts for your next Bay Area home remodel for the best results that are within your budget and within your time frame.