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Tips for Choosing the Lighting in Your Home

Building a Custom Lighting Setup that Enhances Your Lifestyle

If you’re going to build a custom lighting setup in your home, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you want to get out of the project. After all, built-in custom lighting fixtures are permanent and can’t be rearranged, unlike a lamp that you can unplug and move to the next room. Before you contact a custom lighting solutions company, spend some time in your home and think about what you envision yourself doing in the space. Lighting is all about purpose. What is each lighting fixture supposed to achieve? Use these tips when choosing a custom lighting setup for your home.

Creating the Right Ambience

If you want a lighting setup that focuses on ambience, you’ll want to consider balancing the space by adding some small wall scones around the inside or outside of your property. Directional wall scones can add a wash of light to an otherwise dim corner or surface area. This creates a layered affect that pleases the eye.

Built-in Lighting as Décor

Lighting doesn’t always have to help you complete a certain task. Lighting can also be a part of your home’s overall décor. Adding lights around the space will help you achieve a certain look and feel. If you’re looking to lounge around with a glass of wine, you can add some dimmed accents that make the space feel more relaxing. For your at-home office, try infusing the space with some bright overheads that encourage productivity.

Adding Multiple Light Sources

It’s always a good idea to add multiple light sources if you spend a lot of time in a room. This creates a sense of balance, helping you see a space or an object in its entirety. With so much activity going on in your office, the kitchen or bedroom, having more light is usually a safer bet. You’ll be able to move from one task to the next without running out of light.

Night Lighting for Safety and Utility

Lighting can also be a reliable safety feature. Incorporating a built-in lighting setup into the area around your home can make the space feel more inviting and ward off unwanted intruders. If you have trouble getting around your home in the middle of the night, some minimal track lighting will help you navigate the space with ease. You can also add a built-in night light to your child’s bedroom or the nursery.

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A Guide to Custom Home Financing

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home and How to Finance It

The process of building a custom home tends to be more involved than that of buying a resale home. If you’re ready to go the extra mile, find out more about how much it can cost to build a custom home and how to finance the project.

Get Your Financial Records in Order Beforehand

Before you begin the process of looking for financing, you need to make sure that you have all your documentation in order. You’ll need the latest copy of your credit score, hopefully from all three credit report firms, including Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. If you see any errors, you’ll need to fix them before you get started. Just like you would apply for a mortgage, you’ll also need documentation to verify your income, employment history, bank accounts, and tax filing history.

Finding Out How Much You Can Afford

As glamorous as you might want your dream home to be, you need to be able to afford whatever blueprint you come up with. Talk to some builders to get an estimate of how much it will cost to build the custom home, including extra room for accidents and unexpected setbacks. Compare the total with your income, regular living expenses and other financial obligations. As a general rule of thumb, you can afford to build a new home that’s up to two to two and a half times your average yearly income.
Whatever lending institution you choose will use your average income along with your credit score and debt obligations to make sure that you can get approved for the loan. So, you can save yourself some time by getting a sense of how much you can afford beforehand.

What Kinds of Financing Options Are Available?

When building a custom home, you have a lot of financing options at your disposal. You can shop around for the lowest interest rate from some lending institutions in your area as if you were financing a normal resale home.

Builder Financing

You can also take advantage of what’s known as builder financing. Some large or medium-size construction companies will have mortgage subsidies incorporated into their business. You can use these services to get a financing plan that’s designed around the home building process. Some options will include incentives for upgrading certain features of your new home.

Bridge Financing

You can also apply for bridge financing, which is a form of financing that’s designed to help you get through the transition period. This usually takes place before you’ve sold your current house and before your new house has been finished. Bridge loans usually only last for six to nine months, so construction can get underway on your new home before you’re ready to move.

Coming up with a plan and the total cost of your custom home will help you get a better idea of what kinds of financing options you’ll need. Individuals looking to build a custom home can contact the professionals at CRC Builders for more information.
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Custom Backyards for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

Use These Backyard Ideas as Inspiration for Your Next Outdoor Project

The backyard can be one of the most underutilized areas of a person’s home. If you have some space to work with, why not customize your backyard by adding some personal touches? You can create a relaxing space with plenty of seating, a cozy fireplace, or some extra room for all your possessions. Use these backyard ideas to get your creative juices pumping.

Adding a Custom Fire Pit

A fire pit will actually make you want to use your backyard. They’re relatively inexpensive and create the perfect atmosphere for almost any occasion. Add some custom seating around the fire pit to help people feel welcome in the space. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re not too close to trees and other pieces of debris that could catch on fire.

Staying Organized with Outdoor Storage

If your garage is filling up with all kinds of random stuff, why not make use of all that space you have in your backyard? Adding a custom outdoor storage shed or shelf can make all the difference when it comes to staying organized. There are plenty of moisture-resistant wood options out there to help you design a hardwood unit that blends in with the rest of your property.

Building a Sitting Wall to Divide the Space

Never underestimate the power of a sitting wall. In addition to giving your guests another place to sit down, a sitting wall helps break up the space in your backyard. You can separate certain areas to differentiate the space based on how it’s going to be used. One area could be used to show off your green thumb, while another space is for lounging with your guests.

Get more custom backyard ideas from CRC Builders. They’re here to help you design the ultimate California backyard.