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How to Naturally Protect Your Home from Termites When Remodeling

Keep Termites Away from the Wood in Your Home with These Tips

As any contractor will tell you, termites can be a major headache when you’re building a house from scratch or renovating an existing home. Wood is like catnip to termites, and you can bet that all those wood chips and dust are going to attract lots of wood-hungry critters and insects. At this point, many homeowners might reach for something toxic under their kitchen sink or at the local hardware store, but you don’t have to resort to toxic chemicals when you’re trying to keep termites at bay. There are many all-natural solutions to your termite problem.

Borate – A Natural Mineral

If you’re struggling to contain your termite problem during a home improvement project and you’re not exactly enthusiastic about spraying your home with a bunch of toxic chemicals, you can try using borate, a type of mineral that’s found naturally in the earth and in many plants and animals. But borate is also a natural termite and roach killer. You might be familiar with borate if one of your parents or grandparents used to sprinkle some of it in the washing machine. Typically, borate is used in a wide variety of products, including textile fiberglass, detergents and soaps, agricultural compounds, and, unsurprisingly, pest control products.

Using Boric Acid-Based Products

The pest control industry has been getting an earful from concerned homeowners like you that are worried about filling their homes with toxic chemicals. That’s why many pest control companies are switching to boric acid-based products that are free of toxic chemicals. These products usually come in a powder form.

Putting the Powder in the Right Spots

To get started, sprinkle some of the powder around the area where you’re working and other high-traffic areas for termites. This might include underneath major appliances, around crevices and narrow openings, and anywhere else you might have spotted a termite.

How Much Should You Use?

Most people make the mistake of pouring huge globs of powder on the floor, but the termites aren’t going to crawl on top of a large mound of mysterious white powder. Instead lightly coat the floor or the wall with a thin layer of powder. In order for the treatment to work, the termites will need to walk through the powder. Any wood they try to eat will be contaminated and they will die shortly afterward. So, it’s best to make the powder look invisible. Cut a small opening in the top of the container and pour the powder out slowly without letting too much collect on the floor.

Boric acid-based products are by far your best bet when it comes to killing termites naturally. You shouldn’t have to deal with a pest infestation when you’re trying to get some things done around the house.

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The Benefits of Having a Soundproof Room

Ensure Your Privacy with Practical Sound Control

If you live in a quiet neighborhood or you’re looking to put some distance between you and your housemates, you might be interested in building a soundproof room. This reduces the amount of sound that passes from one room to another. Maybe you love to blast your favorite music, watch a blockbuster movie with the volume all the way up, or throw a party with your friends. Whatever the case may be, creating a soundproof room can help you make the most of your property.

More Privacy

If you live in a house with other people or you’re just a few feet away from your neighbor, everyone around you will be able to hear everything you’re doing in your room unless you invest in some practical sound control. Owning a home should give you plenty of privacy, unless you’re doing something that makes a lot of noise. Suddenly, your privacy goes out the window. Even if you think that no one can hear what you’re doing in your bedroom or studio, there’s a good chance that all that sound is traveling to someone else’s ears. If you want to keep your private life private, making the walls soundproof is usually your best option.

Staying on Good Terms with Your Neighbor

Creating a soundproof space isn’t just about maintaining privacy, it’s about respecting the other people around you. Whether it’s your roommate, a family member, or your next-door neighbor, everyone deserves some peace and quiet. If you plan on making a lot of noise, creating a soundproof room will help you avoid an unruly encounter with the people around. If you own your own home, you might have to live next to your neighbors for the next several decades. Unless you like being at odds with the people next door, you might want to build a soundproof room for all your noisy activities.

How to Achieve Practical Sound Control

If you’re looking to soundproof a room in your home, you’ll likely need the help of a professional. Practical sound control means limiting the amount of air flow coming in and out of the room and limiting the vibrations moving through the space. Sound travels through the air, so you’ll need to seal off access to the room as much as possible.

In order to achieve this, the contractor may pad the wall with extra studs if the room is being constructed from scratch. They may also seal any openings including electrical boxes and outlets with some kind of sealant or putty. Another option is to add an extra layer of drywall to help insulate the space. If it’s an existing room, the contractor might prefer to install a series of padded mats against the wall. This material absorbs most of the sound vibrations.

If you’re looking to soundproof a room in your new home, contact the professionals at CRC Builders. They’ll help you find the privacy and peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Make some noise and contact CRC Builders today!