eco-friendly fireplace

Eco-Friendly Fireplaces: The Benefits of Adding a Green Fireplace to Your Property

Everyone loves to snuggle up next to a crackling fireplace, especially when there’s a fresh covering of snow on the ground. But traditional wood-burning fireplaces might not be the best choice for your property. They can release toxins into the air, decrease air quality, and make your home less energy efficient. If you want to install a fireplace in your home but without the drawbacks, consider choosing an eco-friendly fireplace instead. Learn more about the benefits of using a green fireplace from the professionals at CRC Builders Inc.

Less Wasted Heat

With a typical wood-burning fireplace, much of the heat created by the fire ends up going right out the chimney before it has a chance to raise the internal temperature of your home. Once the heat escapes, cold air from the outdoors will sneak inside your home, forcing your furnace or HVAC system to work that much harder to keep your home warm.

You can avoid this issue by using a natural gas or propane fireplace that eliminates the heat loss from the chimney. Natural gas and propane fireplaces don’t release the same amount of toxins into the atmosphere as a wood-burning fireplace, which means less smoke and you can bring more heat directly into your home.

Better Air Quality

Burning wood releases small particles into the air that can lead to a number of health issues and concerns, including respiratory issues. These fine particles can easily be ingested or inhaled, especially if you’re lighting a fire in a small space with little ventilation. This can be a danger to you and your loved ones when you’re lighting fires in your home on a regular basis.

Instead of burning wood, you can use a natural gas or propane fireplace that reduces these emissions by up to 90 percent. You can also use a pellet stove, which burns cylinders made with compressed sawdust, reducing the amount of toxic emissions in your home. Your family will breathe easier knowing that your home is not filled with toxic particles that can do lasting damage to your health.

More Savings

Switching to a green fireplace can help you and your family save money. You’ll have lower HVAC costs by not wasting as much heat and pumping clean heat directly into your home every time you light a fire. Your local or state government might also provide generous tax breaks and subsidies when you install an eco-friendly fireplace in your home. You can enjoy the soothing ambience of a real fire in your home without throwing your money out the window.

With better air quality, more energy efficiency and less wasted heat, switching to a green fireplace can make all the difference in the world. Contact the pros at CRC Builders Inc. to learn more about the benefits of going green.