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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Green Construction Architect

Many home builders are interested in green construction, or the idea of building a green or energy-efficient home from scratch. But finding the right architect for such a project can be a challenge, considering the architecture industry is still trying to adjust to the green building craze. Some architects specialize in green construction; while others would like you to believe that they’re skilled in these matters, but they’re actually still learning their way. If you’re interested in constructing a green building, use these tips to find the right architect for the project.

Understanding Their Concept of “Green”

When trying to hire an architect for a green project, you’ll want to make sure that you’re on the same page. That means understanding their concept of the word “green”. Some architects will sell themselves as green builders, but they might not be familiar with what makes a building environmentally friendly. Ask them to describe what makes a building green. If their answer is about choosing energy-efficient appliances, they might need some more training on the subject. They should be focused on lowering energy bills and keeping the building relatively small and contained.

What Goes into Their Green Design?

Now is a good time to start asking about the specifics of what they consider to be a green design. An architect that’s well-versed in high-performance green construction will talk about insulating walls and ceilings, limiting airflow to the outdoors, and implementing self-sustaining energy systems into the building’s construction. This goes far beyond choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner or fitting your home with energy-efficient appliances.

Learning About Their Previous Experience with High-Performance Green Construction

Many architects don’t have adequate training when it comes to green construction. They may have an idea about what goes into a green building, but when the time comes to design a project from scratch, they’re flying blind. Many architecture schools are just starting to offer green building programs to their students, so finding an architect with a “green” degree might be difficult.

Try to learn as much as you can about the architect’s background and education. Even if an architect didn’t study green architecture in college, they might have a long history of building green structures. Ask for some previous work samples or existing structures they’ve worked on.

Finding a qualified green architect for your next project usually requires a little more legwork than if you were building a normal home. Green architects tend to be easier to find in places like California, New York and Washington, but there are season pros all over the country if you know where to look.

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